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Overcast Sound creates introspective compositions built from fragments of field recordings, oblique references to dub rhythms, and sweeping cinematic textures, resulting in a style uniquely their own. When combined with their evocative visuals, Overcast Sound creates a compelling experience which explores ideas beyond musical pattern.

Overcast Sound have numerous releases, remixes and contributions to several compilations on:

  • Silent Season
  • Thoughtless Music
  • Falk Recordings
  • Wil-Ru Records
  • Entropy Records
  • basic_sounds
  • Dewtone Recordings
  • Rohs! Records
  • Untitled & After

And with performances at:

  • Mutek
  • Biennial of the Americas
  • Decibel Festival
  • New Forms Festival
  • Soundwave
  • shows in North America and Europe

Through improvised performances, Overcast Sound re-imagine their studio tracks in new and unexpected ways, creating a personal and intimate musical experience. Although not easily categorized, they succeed in engaging the listener, whether at home or on the dance floor.